VIRGINIA (WDVM) — Senator Kaine gave an update on the next Coronavirus Relief Package that was originally supposed to be wrapped up this week.

Kaine says this new bill is the fifth bill to go out and that it has “proven more difficult,” however, he said “in the last couple of days we’ve seen, you know, the iceburgs are starting to move apart and we’re seeing a path through to a deal, the American public desperately needs one.”

Kaine stated that the “key in this bill is to ease people’s hardships.”  

“We need more state and local government aid. State and local governments have seen their budgets hammered and if we do not provide more aid and the flexibility to use that aid the right way we will compound the economic devastation and state and local governments will have to lay off more and more people” said Kaine.

In addition, Kaine is advocating for extending unemployment insurance benefits, providing rental and mortgage assistance, increasing SNAP benefits, to name a few. He said he’s advocating for these in the next bill as priorities.

Currently Senator Chuck Schumer and Speaker Nancy Pelosi are negotiating the new relief package with the White House.