MARSHALL, Va. (WDVM) — Struck by a car and left to die — that was six-month-old puppy Cash’s fate until a local shelter stepped in to save his life.

The Treeing Walker Coonhound was brought to a shelter to be euthanized after breaking his leg from being hit by a car. But local no-kill shelter, Middleburg Humane Foundation, took Cash in before he could be euthanized. 

Local volunteer veterinarians visited the shelter with donated supplies to perform Cash’s operation for no cost-free of charge — over the weekend.  

Middleburg Humane said that they performed the surgery at their new facility, which allows the capability to perform operations. Thus far, Cash is recovering well from the procedure.

“He is one hundred percent puppy, he wants to do things, he was loving and kissing on everyone, he walked in and out of the shelter with no problem, which is so different than when he arrived on Friday, in pain and not able to put any weight on that leg,” said Rose Rodgers, President of Middleburg Humane Foundation.

The shelter says it’s so important to give animals like Cash a second chance at life. 

“How wonderful to be able to give him a second chance. Just like any of the animals that need a second chance,” said Kathy Bell, Director of Development at Middleburg Humane Foundation. 

Cash has another surgery in eight weeks to remove the plates from his leg, as well as rehab, to restore his leg to working condition.

The puppy is heading to a foster home for his recovery, and he will be available to adopt in six weeks.