ALEXANDRIA, Va. (WDVM) — The Sixteenth Tabernacle Beth El hosted their second annual Community Baby Shower in Alexandria on Sunday.

At the tabernacle’s second annual community baby shower, new & expecting mothers were provided with free gift bags of essentials for their babies. Prior to the event donations of diapers, clothes, cribs, and toys were collected to provide to attendees in need.

“We want everyone to hold on to their integrity and to realize that there are people out there that truly want to help, that have pure hearts, and kind hearts and want to help,” said Sarah Burrell, the community baby shower coordinator.

The shower also prodivded essential information from agencies throughout the county – including parent infant education, and the supplemental nutrition assistance program. 

The various organizations provided resourves on what they do and how they can assist parents access to necessary provisions for themselves and their families.

Sixteenth tabernacle was able to partner with the Department of Human Services this year to bring even more resources than they year before.