VIENNA, Va. (WDVM)– Fairfax County held its first youth climate strike to bring awareness to the community about climate action and a livable future for generations to come.

Katie Monacella, FCPS student and organizer said
“I’m really excited by the diversity of the crowd, we have alot of young people here and Fairfax county is one of the most diverse counties so its really great to see that represented here.”

Students also striked to demand a green new deal for fairfax county public schoools to transition all schools to net-zero carbon emissions.

“At this point there’s no other choice, if we don’t take the lead on this, if the youth do not take the lead for the fight for climate change, no one will” said Monacella.

A Virginia House of Delegate member came out to help the youth uplift their voices and fight for eleminating carbon and greenhouse gas emissions.

Ibraheem Samirah, Va House of Delegate Member said
“We can transition this movement into focusing those profiting off of a climate crisis mainly the industries that relate to fossil fuels they need to be held accountable and everybody is responsible but theres no better group to do it then the youth of fairfax county especially for Virginia.”

Officials along with students also want to see electric buses for fairfax county. Monacella said things like fossil fules will help with climate change concerns

“Even if like fossil fuels benefit you now, the bigger picture is so much more important, there’s people who are not going to have a livable future for the sake of the profits that they make.”