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A local non-profit is using a Christmas tree to bring awareness to a widespread global issue affecting one in five girls in the United States. 

“I always knew these [feminine hygiene] products were expensive but we didn’t realize how expensive these items really were especially for women in need,” said Ben  Tribbett, political blogger and President of TRR Group.

The tampon tree was set up to bring awareness to an issue referred to as period poverty. Since 2015, founder of BRAWS, Holly Seibold has been distributing menstrual supplies to women and girls in shelters. Within two weeks, she’s collected more than 25,000 products with the help of her world famous tampon tree but she says her mission is to do more than just distribute tampons and bras. 

“It’s my responsibility and every volunteer of BRAWS to ensure that that woman feels empowered, she feels dignified and she’s ready to get back on her feet,” Siebold said.

BRAWS will be collecting donated items up until News Years Eve. You can drop them off by the tampon tree on 4010 University Drive in Fairfax.