ARLINGTON, Va. (WDVM) — Although its Hispanic Heritage Month, the effort to help the Latinx community goes beyond a month. Officials said their webinars have a variety of topics.

Jessica Estrada, Director of Newcomer Services said, “These are topics and information that we frequently get questions about and so this is a way that we can reach a lot of individuals at one time.”

Topics include understanding immigration law, education and workforce development, and guidance on immigration status.

“This is not just a presentation, a speaker will be available for questions and answers, to engage with the attendees on this particular topic,” said Estrada.

Webinars are just one piece of their outreach, however, Eric Fajardo an Employment Specialist for the Diocese works with newcomer clients, to make them feel a part of the American community.

Eric Fajardo, Catholic Charities Employment Specialist, Office of Migration and Refugee Services said, “We have this seminar called “Know Your Rights,” which helps people learn what kind of documents they’re entitled to have, and questions like, how do they use that document? how do they retrieve that document? Also other information such as where to go and what an employer will ask you for in case you’re offered a position.”

Fajardo said he sees many families that just need the right resources. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s been a drastic increase in the number of clients he assists.

“What I’ve seen is that most of them, because this program already is permanent residents. The total number of them are seeking to become U.S citizens,” said Fajardo.

Officials said they will continue to provide core opportunities to help enrich people’s lives. The first webinar will be held on September 30th, and they will continue throughout the month of October.