VIRGINIA (WDVM) — According to the World Health Organization, a different COVID-19 mutation has been categorized as a “variant of interest“, the lambda variant.

According to the WHO’s website, the earliest document samples were from Peru in December of 2020. Now the lambda variant has been reported in over 29 countries.

The WHO says the COVID mutation is mostly found in South American countries like Chile with 31% of prevalence among new COVID cases. It also states that lambda carries numerous mutations like increased transmissibility or potential increased resistance to antibodies.

Marshall Vogt with the Virginia Department of Health, says we’re still gathering information on this variant.

“Something called a variant of interest so that’s what we’re first discovering a new variant again it’s coming through in that genotyping data, as we’re looking at those genetic trees,” said Vogt. “So we’re probably just now realizing that this variant exists and so it’s a variant of interest.”

The WHO’s website says there’s currently limited data and evidence of the mutation’s impact on how quickly it can spread. It also states that virus evolutions are continued to be expected and the more COVID spreads, the more chances it has to evolve.

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