It’s been a few years since Inova Health System broke ground on their premiere cancer research center, now they are offering a look inside their new facility.

The Inova Schar Cancer Institute is a multi-million dollar cancer research center designed to help patients fighting cancer stay in one area for all their treatments without having to go to other cities for treatments or cancer research. In addition to the first-class treatment patients would receive, Schar is working to bring world renowned cancer researchers to the Northern Virginia area. John Deeken CEO of the institute said this’ll be great for the area. 

“Provide expert care right here in their backyard and bring together the investigators, the physicians, the nurses, the genetic counselors, the researchers, altogether here for them to come receive all their care here in the same place,” said John Deeken CEO of The Inova Schar Cancer Institute. 

The facility is scheduled to open up to the public in late April.