WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — Do you live in the top 10 wealthiest cities or counties in Virginia?

A SmartAsset survey ranked U.S. counties by their investment income, property value, and per capita income to show which counties are most prosperous.


Here are the top 10 wealthiest counties and cities in Virginia:

  1. Falls Church City
  2. Arlington County
  3. Fairfax County
  4. Loudoun County
  5. Fairfax City
  6. Alexandria City
  7. Fauquier County
  8. Prince William County
  9. Rappahannock County
  10. Goochland County

Some of the richest counties in the country include San Mateo and San Francisco in California with Falls Church, Va. ranking eighth overall.

Do you want to make the list? Zippia analyzed over 1,500 professions to identify some of the highest paid positions in the state.

Highest paying jobs in Virginia:

  1. Finance Services Director
  2. Primary Care Pediatrician
  3. Chief Medical Officer
  4. Senior Vice President, Sales
  5. Medical Director
  6. Anesthesiologist, Pain Management Specialist
  7. President & Chief Operating Officer
  8. President Of Operations
  9. Vice President, Field Operations
  10. Associate Medical Director