FAIRFAX, Va. (WDVM) — It all started at the Holy Spirit Catholic Church, but over the years their annual pro-life rally has grown. Now, it’s at the Eagle-Bank Arena on George Mason University’s campus — filled with over 8,000 pro-life activists on Friday taking a stand to end abortions.

Kevin Bohli, Executive Director of the Office of Youth for Catholic Diocese of Arlington said, “Most of these young people are coming out here to take a stand for life and to say that abortion should not be something that is legal in our country, but we also want to make sure that many are being pro-life in all aspects in that term. How are you caring for the elderly? How are you caring for your neighbors? The homeless, and everybody.”

Many people traveled from various states to participate in the event. Officials say the rally is for prayer and worship to end abortion and increase the culture of life. Rally attendees that have been attending for years say education is important.

Catholic mothers went on the stage to express the importance of multiplying lives, chanting the words, “Life is very good.”

Rally attendee Laura Ryan says she’s been a part of the pro-life rally since she was eight, she believes that every human deserves to live and it’s not our choice to take it away from anyone.

“Abortion is a scarring experience if you do it and I’ve met people after they had abortions had to go to so much therapy afterwards and it’s the saddest thing” said Ryan.

Members said that they are excited to know that this movement is so big it has gotten the attention of President Donald Trump and that he stands with them.