REAGAN NATIONAL AIRPORT (DC News Now) — The day before Thanksgiving is typically regarded as one of the busiest travel days of the year. That might change after this year.

The FAA estimates there will be more than 48,000 flights across the continental U.S. on November 22. That is at least 1,000 more flights than any other day during the holiday.

“Usually we wait until it’s Thanksgiving or in the middle of our break,” said Maira Zaidi, as she and her family arrived at Reagan National Airport for their flight to New York City. “But we decided to leave a little early today.”

AAA predicts air travel will increase by 8% this year compared to a year ago. According to the agency, that would be this holiday the third busiest for Thanksgiving travel since AAA started tracking the holiday back in 2000.

The Zaidi family did not want to wait to leave.

“We’re lucky she’s (Maira) off tomorrow,” said Zyed Zaidi. “So, we’re taking full advantage of her vacation.”

The FAA predicted Reagan National Airport to have the nation’s busiest route on this day, with 34 flights to and from Boston.

Evan Thissen is traveling to Minneapolis and was hoping to get an early start to the holiday.

“Not sure it’d be any less busy,” said Evan Thissen, a student at Georgetown University. “And this is when my classes ended.”

Meanwhile, airports, including Reagan National, are bracing for things to be even more hectic the Sunday after Thanksgiving when people fly home. That’s typically regarded as the busiest day of the holiday weekend.