The typical day for Chris Heater is not what most 10-year-olds would consider a good time. 

“Wake up eat breakfast go out here, feed the cows, check on the old cow, check a whole bunch of others and feed the cow, water the hogs, water the chickens, water the ducks. It’s a long process,” said Chris Heater of Front Royal. 

But he doesn’t do it alone.

“Help around the farm and sometimes play around,” said Conner Heater of Front Royal. 

Chris and his brother Conner chose to take charge of their family farm, and they recently made the executive decision to save a cow that has been in their family most of their lives. 

“This will be her last calf she’s almost 20 years old,” said Chris. 

Old Lucy is what they call her, and thanks to the two boys, Lucy will to live out the rest of her life on the farm under their watch and care. Chris and Conner’s parents say the boys have been overseeing the farm for four years, and are amazed at the responsibilities they choose to take on. 

“I’m very proud of them, it makes me very proud,” said Brandy Heater of Front Royal. 

The boys say they will continue to patiently wait for Lucy to calf, and in the mean time will continue to care for the other 3 cows, 5 hogs, and 75 chickens on their farm. They say it’s a lot of work but as long as their together, they can handle it. 

“It’s actually really hard to do all of this by yourself, if it wasn’t for him I don’t know what I would do,” said Chris.

The boys said Old Lucy also has over 400 people following her last labor on Facebook.