VIRGINIA (WDVM) — Virginia Senator Tim Kaine is calling on his state to open its doors to Ukrainian refugees.

The commonwealth extended the same welcome to people fleeing Afghanistan. Kaine is commending President Biden’s decision to grant Ukraine a temporary protection status. Temporary protection status means refugees who arrive in the United States before March 1st are able to stay for the next 18 months.

Sen. Kaine explains that Poland has taken in many Ukrainian refugees since the start of the war and hopes the Commonwealth of Virginia can do the same.

“Poland has been doing a lion’s share of I mean, there are as many Ukrainian recent arrivals in Poland as the entire population of the Warsaw metropolitan area,” Sen. Kaine told members of the media. “So I think there are opportunities for Virginians to play a role with Ukrainians who now do have the ability to apply for the TPS status.”

Sen. Kaine says the United States needs to tread carefully to help Ukraine but not escalate any further aggression from Russia. He explained that the Commonwealth of Virginia is doing its part to divest from Russian companies and commodities. But he says he doesn’t understand why the United States cannot supply Ukraine with aircraft to defend their countries.

He explained that he does not understand the difference between providing the country with aircraft and air defense systems or missiles.

“I don’t understand the difference in transferring missile systems and air defense systems, which we are doing, or Javelin anti-tank missiles, which we are doing, and providing aircraft,” Sen. Kaine said. “The issue is we want to provide them with the assets that are most likely to be helpful.”

While Sen. Kaine stressed that he does not have a background in military defense strategy, the United States made the right decision to send aid to the country and that conversations need to happen that discuss sending more resources that can most effectively be used in the defense of the nation.