ALEXANDRIA, Va. (DC News Now) — The Virginia Department of Transportation is telling drivers they should reconsider travel plans on Friday, as dangerous and icy road conditions are expected throughout the day.

If people must travel, the agency advises having a winter emergency kit in their car.

Kits should include basic items like water, snacks and a phone charger. As well as jumper cables, blankets, batteries and a first aid kit.

“I’m former military so I keep all that good stuff (in my car), flashlights, hand sanitizers, soap, extra pair of underwear you might need,” said Blaine Ashton, who lives in Northern Virginia.

Ashton said he does plan on driving to work on Friday, but he’s always prepared in case of an emergency.

“I was here a few years ago when people were stuck on 95 and stuff like that. I’m not going to be in that position,” he said.

“I do keep a kit in my car. I have an extra pair of gloves, I have jumper cables, I have water, it might freeze. I have extra windshield wiper fluid,” said Bob Levi, who lives in Silver Spring.

Levi said he used to live in New York. And, time spent traveling from New York City to Albany taught him to always be prepared.

“You never know what’s going to happen, you need to be prepared because if you get stuck, you’re going to be in trouble,” he said.

Ashlee Duncan, who lives in Fairfax, said she does have to go in to work on Friday, so she will be on the roadway. She also had some last-minute Christmas shopping to do.

“If you don’t have to be out, don’t be out. I don’t want to be out,” said Duncan.

 In her car, she packed an ice scraper, brush and jumper cable kit.

“I’m as good as I’m going to be,” she said.

If you do get trapped in your car during a winter weather event, VDOT said you should stay in your car. Run the heater and battery for ten minutes every hour and stay hydrated.

For more information, visit their website.