Virginia could be the next state to legalize sports betting in the country. The state’s Senate passed a bill that could lead to sports betting as well as allow land-based casinos to open in Virginia.

There are seven bills on the docket that involve the legalization of sports betting. One of which comes from Virginia Senator from Fairfax Chap Petersen. This would establish a sports betting department that would regulate the sports betting that occurs on within the state. Senator Petersen says Virginia must capitalize on this opportunity like their neighboring states are.

“The revenue is out there and I think that every day we don’t capture that revenue, listen we are missing out and I am not a betting guy myself, but I just think we are missing an opportunity to capture business. Perhaps create some commerce in parts of the Commonwealth,” said Sen. Chap Petersen.

The sports betting bills are expected to go into a one-year study as Virginia examines how to proceed with gambling and sports betting within the state.