LOUDOUN COUNTY, Va. (WDVM)– The heat did not keep Dominion Energy officials and the ROC Solid Foundation from building a playset for one 5-year-old who is fighting lymphoblastic lymphoma.

It hasn’t been easy for jack and his family. He was diagnosed last year with cancer, with doctors finding a tumor on his lung. although his joy stems from volunteers surprising him with a playset, it’s all for a purpose.

Robert Prior, Jack’s Father said,
“He doesn’t get a chance to go out too much due to his condition and his cancer he has to stay inside and stay at home a lot of the time because his immune system is compromised.”

The ROC Solid Foundation builds custom playsets in the backyards of kids who are fighting cancer, since the first thing taken away from them is there opportunity to play.

“Were looking forward to having other kids come over because there’s tons of kids in the neighborhood and it’s good for Jack to be social with those kids and get that exposure because he hasn’t been at daycare on a steady basis for the last year” said Prior.

Caitlyn Prior, Jack’s mother tells WDVM she’s looking forward for Jack to make new friends in their neighborhood. The family moved to Loudoun County from Leesburg in August. She says although it sounds cliché this is a gift for the whole family.

Some of the things jack and his twin siblings can expect to see are a slide, rock climbing wall, a ladder, and a swing set.

Abby Rosa, volunteer, ROC Solid Foundation said,
“It’s a great way to give back to the community. A lot of times when you volunteer you don’t necessarily see the end result and here we get to see that every time.”

With Jack’s cancer now non-existent, with the help of chemo, his family said they’re grateful for the support and are looking to give back to others.