Many couples celebrating Valentine’s Day in the Shenandoah Valley do not have to travel far to enjoy a romantic retreat.

On January 17, a writer for U.S News and World Report visited White Post, her stay at L’Aauberge Provencale Bed and Breakfast and the small town’s charm left a big impression on her.

 “We had no idea who she was we had no idea that she was a writer or anything like that so she was treated just how we would treat any guest,” said Celeste Borel of L’Auberge Provencale. 

She later went on to include white post in her list of “10 Top Romantic Getaways for Valentine’s Day.”

With White Post having a population of under 2,000, many people were surprised to see that it made the list.

And breakfast owner and inn keeper Celeste Borel was pleasantly surprised when she saw White Post and the inn featured in the list. even residents and business owners 

“I haven’t been to all of them but its like okay so St.Lucia/White Post really? But I don’t think it’s about geographically where you are, I think its where you are when you’re there,” said Borel. 

 The bed and breakfast has been in the town for 37 years and has won numerous awards for its service , wine selection,  and world renowned chefs. Borel says the inn provides people with a break from the hussle and bussle of life 

“They’re always on computer always on their phone always texting always on their emails, and they can just in an hour and a half put it all behind and do something completely different.” Borel says.

Billy Thompson who works restoring antique cars has lived in White Post all of his life and says white post attracts nature lovers, history buffs, and wine enthusiast.

“They’ll come here an tour and look at some antique cars, you have the Appalachian trail for hiking the Shenandoah river for canoeing, kayaking and fishing you have Blandy Experimental farm for day trips, picnics,” said Thompson. 

Just an hour west of D.C., White Post may feel like its world away from any major city, the small town has no stores or stop lights, but is now known across the country. 

 We are off the beaten path and its exciting that we were nominated to be top ten on that list, still kind of shocked about it but that’s really neat,” said Thompson.