ARLINGTON, Va. (WDVM)– The Catholic Diocese of Arlington Workcamp program brings youth together to repair homes throughout the community. Although COVID-19 put a delay in this years plans, teens involved still find ways to give back.

For 30 years youth from across the diocese have been serving their neighbors with compassion, generosity, and love. This year the goal was to repair more than 100 homes throughout the community.

Ed Gloninger, Workcamp Coordinator, Catholic Diocese of Arlington said,
“We had planned to visit over 100 homes closer to 130 residences to perform needed home repair, including wheel chair ramps, decks, adding new windows, and, repairing mobile homes.”

Gloninger said this gives teens direct experience in giving back. He wants to show youth within the Diocese that true poverty exist in there backyard and they don’t have to travel very far to find those in need to have the opportunity to serve them.

Officials said the home improvement projects are for the elderly in need. Although this year may be considered a set back for some, Gloninger said they have formed the “Workcamp Re-boot Program” where they will gather in parish groups.

Glonniger said,
“Going to food pantries, cooking meals, going out to help with yard work with residents in the community who are in need is what we do. Some of the residents that we’ve visited in Frederick County will still be visited by groups of our parishes, so we will still be able to serve some of them.”

Officials say if someone you may know is need of home repairs services you can submit a referral in the link below.