WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — Saturday was the second day of DC Art All Night. It was a chance for local artists to showcase their talents and for the community to celebrate those talents.

Everything from paintings to clothing to music to food were showcased in every ward of the city.

One of those events was in Congress Heights in Ward 8. Locals call it the soul of the city.

“It’s good to like literally see how everyone can be a part of D.C. in different ways in the art community,” said artist Alicia Pinkett.

Pinkett has been painting “Since middle school so probably like 15 years. I had some awesome art teachers in D.C. of course,” she said. “From painting bubble letters in middle school to like painting murals now I think that’s a big progression.”

It’s a talent she showcased live for her community where she grew up.

“It’s an amazing program that really spreads out across all the wards in the city and helps people to really appreciate the value of art in the nation’s capital,” said Reggie Van Lee, chair of the D.C. Commission of Arts and Humanities.

Van Lee says we all deserve and need art to transform us.

“I think a lot of the pain in the world comes from people not having an escape mechanism for issues that they have to show their creativity to release their frustrations to appreciate humanity and art provides that for all of us,” Van Lee said.

Some artists are getting started young.

“Paint is my favorite. My mommy paints with me,” said Joeloe Anderson.

The six-year-old was one of the vendors selling her paintings . Her mom Camille Campbell wants her daughter to feel supported.

“I do want my daughter to be inspired by other artists. I want her to see how great she can be and the potential she has,” Campbell said.