WASHINGTON (DC News Now)—Seven Metropolitan Police Department officers are on administrative duty following an investigation by Internal Affairs into misconduct.

“I’m disappointed,” said Police Chief Robert Contee. “To have members who appear to do things that are not consistent with what we do, what we teach, that’s very disappointing to me.”

According to Chief Contee, a citizen made a complaint about an incident involving police that happened on September 11. Internal Affairs reviewed the body camera footage from that incident. That’s when it discovered an unrelated issue of misconduct.

“Two officers had confiscated an illegal firearm from a suspect without making an arrest. It was unclear why no arrest was made. From what we learned the officers had probable cause to make an arrest,” said Contee.

The officers did nut pursue an arrest warrant after.

He noted that the firearm was turned over into evidence properly. However, the report filed by the officers was not consistent with what happened in the body camera footage.

The two officers were placed on noncontact administrative duty.

The incident sparked a larger, ongoing investigation. Internal Affairs has reviewed months of body worn camera footage and identified more instances where this happened, including five more officers who confiscated an illegal weapon and did not arrest the suspect.

To date, seven officers have been placed on administrative duty. That includes two sergeants.

“The bottom line is we have a responsibility of enforcing the law,” said Contee. “The majority of our officers come to work every day, they do their job. In this case it sounds like, these officers in these instances that I’m seeing, we have officers that did not do their job in these instances.”

Contee said all of these incidents occurred in District 7.

The investigation is ongoing.

“We have a responsibility to communities, of making the community safer,” said the Chief. “When we allow people, in some instances armed felons, to go on about their business and just recover the firearm, it’s only a short amount of time before they’re in possession of another firearm. And I’m sure of that.”