WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — While people celebrate Independence Day across the nation, protesters from “Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights” return to the White House in the morning to continue to voice their frustration on the recent ruling on “Roe v. Wade.”

Unlike the protests across the nation in the past few weeks, this protest happened on July 4th, a symbol of the lack of freedom and liberty for women’s bodies from the protesters’ perspective. At least 50 people gathered in front of the White House with their signs and speakers to protest and ask the administration to do something about abortion rights protection.

“Now our independence is being taken away, our freedom is being taken away, and now our bodies are in the hands of the men that are making decisions that shouldn’t be a law, our healthcare, our body, that shouldn’t be in the court.” says one of the protesters, Charlotte Jones, a Washington D.C. native. She held the sign that said, “Independence? Freedom? Not for the women of the USA! July the Farce”

“So Independence Day, it’s now very hard to look into the flag and think ‘I am proud of that, because I am no longer to be represented fully, or any women in this country,” she added.

Charlotte Jones held the sign (DC News Now)

“My flag currently is to represent the seizure of the power that is in place that democratic principle is being corroded,” says Ilamarie Florida-Johnson, of Leesburg, Va., who was carrying the flag during the demonstration in front of the White Hosue.

“I am using the flag is supposed to be a symbol of freedom, liberty, and democracy to against the institution that claims they still are,”

According to the organizer, the protest is part of a nationwide demonstration across 50 cities. There was no counter-protest near the abortion access protest.