WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — Babies are being sent to the nation’s capital on migrant buses from Texas and Arizona, angering migrant advocacy groups as inhumane, DC News Now has learned.

In an exclusive DC News Now report, at least 28 children – some younger than a year old – have come through Washington D.C. on migrant buses. These buses went to D.C. and New York through orders from governors from Texas and Arizona to protest President Joe Biden’s immigration policies.

One family interviewed on Sunday after being dropped off at Union Station with a 24-day old baby made it to America after a four-month journey from Colombia, South America. The baby was born in Mexico before the couple reached the border.

“The truth is guys, you have no idea what pushes us to come to this country, what goes on in our own country…it’s so violent,” said the man who DC News Now is protecting his identify because he is a migrant.

His wife added: “We knew we were risking a lot with our baby. The journey to get here, but we had to. There weren’t any other options.”

Migrant advocacy groups criticized these decisions, especially from Texas, because they do not have medical specialists on board the buses to deal with any unforeseen circumstances, unlike Arizona.

Abel Nunez, the executive director of Carecen which is a social services organization that helps migrants as the resettle in the States, said he’s angered by how Texas is handling babies and young children on buses.

“If your child is unvaccinated, it may not be a good idea for you to be in an enclosed space with adults…because this baby’s going to be put at risk,” Nunez said.

Officials from the Texas Department of Management Services, which handles the relocation of the migrants from the border, did not return calls for comment.