WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — Memorial Day weekend is known to kick off what is often referred to by traffic safety experts as “the 100 deadliest days.”

The period from Memorial Day through Labor Day usually sees a dangerous spike in teen traffic fatalities – an increase of more than 20% over year-round figures, according to the National Road Safety Foundation.

Each year an average of 2,100 teen drivers are involved in fatal crashes, with 30% – seven deaths a day on average – occurring during the 100 deadliest days.

Traffic safety officials often refer to summer as the 100 deadliest days, but the National Road Safety Foundation and hundreds of thousands of young people active in Students Against Drunk Driving and Family Career Community Leaders of America are partnering to instead make it “the safest summer ever.”

A social media campaign was created to call attention to a host of safe driving issues, from distracted and drowsy driving to impaired and aggressive driving.

For more information visit the National Road Safety Foundation.