WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — Thousands of music lovers were left disappointed in the DMV this week after notifications went out awarding just 20,000 tickets for the 44 inaugural shows at the Atlantis.

In a statement, the venue said:

“We are blown away by the response to The Atlantis. Thank you for your support, enthusiasm, and palpable excitement about our new space. Please be aware, demand for these 44 shows has far exceeded supply. Over 520,000 tickets were requested, and less than 20,000 will be distributed. We wish everyone could get a ticket to these inaugural shows, but there will be plenty of special shows in our future. We can’t wait for you to step inside.”

The venue, which pays homage to the original 9:30 Club, is currently under construction in a building directly behind the current 9:30 Club in Shaw. It’s set to open at the end of May.

To celebrate the launch, the venue is hosting 44 shows for $44, in honor of the 44-year history of the 9:30 Club. Patrons were able to sign up to purchase tickets through a lottery system. Notifications were sent out by email this week to those who were granted tickets.

However, only about 4% of ticket requests were fulfilled.

“I signed up for seven shows. Number one, Foo Fighters, number two Bare Naked Ladies. Also Bastille, Darius Rucker,” said Will Schonenberger.

However, he didn’t get any tickets.

“I was checking my email on a daily basis. Hoping, but alas, it failed me,” he said. “I’m sad. I’m very sad and I’m going to have a cocktail, that’s what I’m going to do.”

“Apparently there was thousands of entries for it, but you didn’t know which concert had how many entries,” said Rahul Kheraj, who didn’t personally enter the ticket lottery.

He said he doesn’t know anyone who actually won tickets.

“Two or three people I know of that were interested in these concerts, but it was the more popular shows,” he said. “They didn’t get tickets. I assume it was just more interest, less seats.”

“I saw on Twitter where they said about 500,000 people applied for a ticket. After reading that I thought the chances of me getting this one ticket is slim to none,” said Grey Ramos.

But he was wrong. He scored two tickets to see Third Eye Blind.

“I’m one of the lucky ones,” he said. “It’s cool, but I don’t want to gloat or anything. I’m just really looking forward to seeing Third Eye Blind at the end of the day.”

Tickets cannot be resold but can be exchanged at face value exclusively through Ticketmaster.

The Foo Fighters will open up the venue for its first show on May 30.