WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — There could be a new incentive to get police officers and firefighters to actually live in the District. A new bill would exempt first responders from paying local income taxes.

The bill was co-introduced by council members Vincent Gray, Trayon White and Brooke Pinto.

Pinto says right now only 18% of the police force lives in the District. She says this incentive aims to attract new officers and firefighters from out of state. That’s helpful because of current staffing shortages.

“It’s clear that staffing at MPD and fire, EMS is really limited right now. And we have to think creatively about how to address these hiring challenges,” Pinto said.

Pinto also says living in D.C. will help them better be able to do their jobs when they’re integrated into the communities they serve.

“We want more of our officers and our fire and EMS workers to be able to afford to live in the district and exempting their income tax is one way to help make it more affordable,” Pinto said.

Pinto says she’s also looking out for other important jobs that have staff shortages like teaching and behavioral health to see if this might be an effective tool to have as well.

“The fiscal impact will be determined as we go through the legislative process particularly because we have to take a look at how many new folks this will attract to the district which will then of course, help the city calculate how much loss income tax revenue there would be,” Pinto said.