WASHINGTON (WDVM) — In Mayor Bowser’s efforts to bring more affordable housing to the D.C. area she and several city representatives have opened new housing units for seniors and their families.

The Appleton, the Robeson, and the Rows are all three communities within the Spring Flats community. The project will be able to transform the site into affordable housing for seniors.

“We knew that the community wanted home opportunities along the entire income spectrum from deeply affordable to homeownership opportunities,” Mayor Muriel Bowser said. “So what we have here is 185 new homes, close to the Petworth metro station across the street from the beautiful Raman elementary school.”

The project delivers 185 new affordable homes which are part of Bowser’s goal to provide 12,000 new affordable homes by 2025.

“For over four years has been to build and sustain affordable housing and assisted living communities throughout the archdiocese of Washington including D.C.,” President and CEO of Victory Housing, Leila Finucane said. “Today with this delivery we stand here we got the former Hebrew home for the aging is becoming the Appleton, 88 units of affordable senior housing, and it’s already almost fully occupied.”

The Spring Flats redevelopment is also part of Bowser’s third project to give residents what they need and wants when it comes to housing.