WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — For the first time since 911 transcripts were released after flooding at a doggy daycare in Northeast D.C. killed 10 dogs, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser answered questions on Wednesday.

Miscommunication from 911 dispatchers led to a delay in rescue crews responding to District Dogs on Monday, Aug. 14 — crews didn’t respond until 23 minutes after the first call to 911 when a manager watching the webcams said the walls collapsed and the place was flooded.

District officials acknowledged that errors were made but wouldn’t outright call them mistakes.

“This was a catastrophic incident that I think speaks to more opportunities for training and better tools for our teams,” Bowser said.

“It really is just upsetting that OUC and the mayor won’t even acknowledge that they messed up,” said Jocelyn Lobos-Segura.

Lobos-Segura lost her dog, Mona, in last Monday’s flood at District Dogs.

Bowser mentioned the fact that District Dogs had flooded just a year before.

“I think that providing more context for call takers and firefighters or having more context about that place, the geography there, the roadway and the businesses would have made for a better response,” Bowser said.

When asked if she’s reached out to the owners of the dead dogs, she said, “My office has been in contact with them, the business owner, and we have endeavored to make sure they have everything that they need.” Bowser said.      

“That just infuriates me that she’s publicly saying that… her office has reached out to us when I don’t think any of us have been reached out (to,)” Lobos-Segura said.

Lobos-Segura said she wants accountability.

“The mayor can’t continue to just write this off and think that we’re not going to continue pushing for it because Mona and the other nine dogs deserve justice,” Lobos-Segura said.

Bowser said in the coming days she’s going to be working with the Homeland Security team on flooding protocols.

“An indoor flooding situation is one that I don’t know that we have had that experience in the city and we have to be prepared for,” Bowser said.