WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — An alarming amount of carjacking cases have been reported in D.C. this year, leaving thousands of drivers recovering from their losses.

Despite criminals perpetrating these crimes, innocent drivers may be left footing the bill as insurance rates may fluctuate where vehicle thefts occur; not all insurance policies will cover damages.

5,632 vehicle thefts have been reported in the nation’s capital so far this year, according to police data published Monday — a 102% increase compared to year-to-date numbers on the same day last year.

Two Uber drivers were among five people carjacked Saturday into Sunday; four of which were armed, according to police reports.

The crimes, which often involve weapons, are among the reasons why drivers may have seen car insurance rates rise in the past year.

Car insurance rates are not only determined by individual driving records, commutes and where vehicles are parked but also how people near you drive. Carjackings factor into these rates as well.

In the event of a carjacking or vehicle theft, insurers won’t cover the property lost inside, but certain policies will recover your losses related to damage your car sustains.

Comprehensive and collision insurance plans will provide coverage to damages, minus your deductible, according to Progressive. Liability coverage will not cover property damages.

Forbes says nearly 1 in 5 drivers are not receiving getting comprehensive coverage, so, if carjacked, those drivers will foot the bill for damages. 1 In 8 drivers have no coverage at all, Forbes added in an August report.

If drivers purchase a ‘passive alarm system’ or if your car has a tracking device, some insurers could even offer you a discounted rate.

Meantime, if drivers are shopping around for coverage, there are discounts for people who allow insurers to track their driving habits. Less-hard braking and acceleration could provide a lower rate in those programs. Some insurers even track your phone usage on the road — put your phone down, and keep more cash in your wallet.