WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — A D.C. woman was recovering after she said her assistant property manager pepper-sprayed her instead of answering a question she was asking him.

It happened at her apartment in Adams Morgan on Friday morning. The people who live there have a list of concerns, and they are trying to form a tenants association.

Christine Corbin confronted management about signs that disappeared encouraging people to join around 11:45 a.m.

In the video Corbin recorded, you see UIP Assistant Property Manager Dexter Clements say, “You already emailed us, so you can just leave the office.”

“I just want to document it,” Corbin replied. “And just so you know this is Dexter Clements and he is the most unpleasant office — ahh ahh ahh I just got pepper-sprayed.”

Corbin said her skin and clothing were soaked by the pepper spray.

“I am in serious pain. My arms are burning. My face was covered. It was my eyes. I had to go by ambulance,” Corbin said.

In the first part of the video she recorded, Corbin can be heard saying, “I’m not saying UIP did, but if you took the signs down about us forming a tenants association that’s illegal.”

UIP manages the building, but Corbin said they are not doing a good enough job.

“We’ve had homeless people living in the building for months on end. We’ve had a serious rat infestation,” Corbin said.

The entire building was without water for 24 hours until late Friday afternoon.

“We haven’t had all these water shutoffs ’til they started working on this project with replacing the lead pipes,” Corbin said.

UIP said announced, short, water shut-offs will continue to be necessary to repair the plumbing system.

“We started a spreadsheet listing all the problems, and we were going to take action,” Corbin said.

Corbin wants accountability.

“I’m putting my face in front of the camera to ask the mayor, the council, Brianne Nadeau to get involved and put these property management companies to task because this is just appalling,” Corbin said.

As for the pepper spray incident, Kyle Eaton, Chief Operating Officer of UIP, said in a statement, “We are sad and disappointed by the behavior of individuals that somehow resulted in the incident at the property today. We are and will continue to investigate and take appropriate action if necessary.”

Corbin plans to press charges, but police have not made an arrest yet.