WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — A video of a man stealing Halloween lights from the Shaw neighborhood of D.C. was caught on a Ring doorbell camera.

Doug Lakey and his husband Patrick Bevill posted a doorbell video on the Nextdoor app and shared it with DC News Now.

They said the thief “sauntered” onto their front porch on Wednesday night around 11 p.m. and unwound all of their Halloween lights to take for himself.

Lakey said he didn’t initially notice when it happened but later when someone rang his doorbell to ask for money, he noticed all of the lights on the stairway were gone.

“It’s not the money. It’s just the audacity and it’s just the kind of the bad neighborliness, the lack of any care, it’s like a nihilism,” Lakey said. “What could possibly provoke someone to walk into someone’s property and steal one strand of light?”

Lakey said he didn’t file a police report and the theft only cost him about $10 to replace the lights and about an hour and a half to redo his decorations. But he hopes someone can find the guy who did it and shame them for the theft.

“He was on our porch for over four minutes as he was slowly unwrapping all the lights and unplugging them from their extension cords and everything. It was just shocking,” Lakey said. “Of all the things that I’ve ever seen happen, I would think it’s the most shocking thing I’ve ever seen.”