WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — Something’s budding in the District — the cherry blossoms peak bloom is here, according to the National Park Service.

“PEAK BLOOM! PEAK BLOOM! PEAK BLOOM! PEAK BLOOM! PEAK BLOOM! PEAK BLOOM!” the National Mall NPS said in a tweet on Thursday.

70 percent of the Yoshino Cherry tree blossoms are now open at the Tidal Basin. Many people gathered there to see the blossoms.

“It’s beautiful and it’s nice to see so many people out when it’s peak bloom,” said Lauren Andrews.

“We are thrilled with today. It’s mid-70s, 80 degrees. Sun’s out, storms aren’t going to come until tomorrow,” said Jason Hansen. “We couldn’t have gotten a better opportunity to enjoy the fabulous cherry blossoms today.”

The initial prediction from officials, announced on March 1, said that peak bloom would happen between March 22 and March 25. The big puffy petals typically bloom for several days depending on the weather.

“I really love all the shades of pink that you see. The monuments look really beautiful,” Andres said. “It’s nice to see everyone in their outfits taking pictures. It’s really fun.”

“Some years are hit or miss. This year we definitely hit it,” Hansen said.

It was the perfect day for selfies with Cynthie and Carter Bush.

“We were up for an adventure,” Cynthie said.

“Yup, just decided to come down and they look very beautiful,” Carter added.

It’s a sight to see, both for those who have never been and those who make it every year.

“I can’t think of like the proper way to describe it because I mean, it’s just such an exciting and like amazing thing,” said Bailey McAatee. “I feel so lucky to get to see it.”

“I thank the Japanese for bringing them up here and we enjoy it,” said Abdur Choudhary.

The peak bloom date of March 23 is tied with 1946 and 1976 as the 9th earliest in records that date back to 1921.

The earliest peak bloom on record occurred on March 15, 1990, and the latest on April 18, 1958

Peak bloom has occurred before March 31 in each of the last four years; last year’s peak bloom was on March 21, the 8th earliest on record.

Festivities related to the bloom are also underway in the District. Find out more about the festival at its website.