WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — Cherry blossoms are coming! The National Park Service (NPS) said on Twitter that their experts are predicting 2023’s peak bloom to fall between March 22-25.

The peak bloom day will be the day that 70 percent of the cherry blossoms are open. NPS said that “forecasting peak bloom is almost impossible more than 10 days in advance.”

The trees will bloom for several days — the exact length depends on weather conditions. If the weather is cool and calm, the bloom may last longer — but rainy and windy weather could end the bloom. If the area sees a frost, the trees may not bloom at all.

NPS said that the cherry blossoms progressed to the second of six stages on Wednesday — florets are now visible. Depending on upcoming weather, this signals that peak bloom will come in around three weeks.

Last year, the cherry blossoms entered into the second phase on March 7. The peak bloom then happened on March 25.

NPS said that the earliest peak bloom happened on March 15 in 1990. The latest one happened on April 18 in 1958.

More information about the Cherry Blossom Festival and events in the District can be found on NPS’s website.