WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — The cold snap haunting the District did not stop kids and their parents from going from house to house to trick-or-treat Tuesday night.

The D.C. area just experienced a stretch of record high warmth but it’s now starting to feel more like fall.

The first major cold snap of the season sent temperatures down to 20 to 30 degrees below average across nearly the entire lower 48 states this Halloween.

“Works well for this costume, but actually, it’s not as cold as I thought. I thought it’d be freezing, but it’s actually a nice fall day. So it feels like Halloween, which is better than 80 degrees,” said trick-or-treater, Kyle Walton.

Though some District residents do not seem to mind.

“It’s chilly, but it’s not raining, so no complaints,” Michelle Howell said. “We could only get what we could get. Right?”

Some residents thinks it feels like it went from summer to fall overnight.

“It was a little warm for this time of year, last week. But I think this is nice fall weather for the kids. They can experience a little bit of it. Leaves are out. It’s crisp. It’s nice. Nice Halloween,” said James Hawkins.

For some visitors, D.C.’s cold is their warm.

“I woke up, I put my long johns on, a sweater and a winter coat on,” said Stephanie Fox. “I think I overdid it. But I’m from Minnesota, so I’m prepared.”

Tom Fox is also prepared for the cold weather.

“We’re from Minnesota originally. Now temporarily in North Dakota and it’s about 25 degrees back there,” Tim Fox said. “I am sure they’re not having the same amount of fun that you’re having here.”

Despite the cold snap, October could finish among D.C.’s top 10 warmest months with an average temperature of 63.5 degrees.