WASHINGTON (WDVM) — Some parents in the District of Columbia are reporting bumps in the road with getting their young children fully vaccinated.

Parents discussed the issue with each other on Twitter on Nov. 18.

The parents said the process for getting their children the first dose was smooth sailing.

Melanie Newman timed the process because she had such a terrible experience when she went to get the adult dose. She said, “The entire experience took 20 minutes. It was amazing.”

Steve Beam, who took his child to get vaccinated at a different location, said, “We showed up, got our shot, they monitored the children for 10-15 minutes and then we got up to leave.”

The issue some parents are describing is when and where they should take their kid for the second dose.

Beam explained, “They clapped for us on the way out, which was great, but there was no additional information. There was no discussion on when to come back and now it seems like most of the spots are pretty filled up.”

While Beam said he did not ask about the second shot, neither did Newman.

Newman said, “It hadn’t even occurred to me to ask for it. One of the volunteers approached me and said we would be in the same location in three weeks and it would be the same process with the same time frame.”

Beam is not alone in this situation. He said, “It stresses everybody out, because everyone is booking appointments everywhere, so instead of the city making pop-up events available to us, it clogs up the appointments at the pharmacies, supermarkets and all the other places.”

WDVM reached out to D.C. Health and after several attempts did get someone on the phone. The department said they are working on a solution and will send over the relevant information for parents.