WASHINGTON (WDVM) — The D.C. Center for the LGBT Community is providing meals for the community and a zoom hangout on Thursday, November 25.

While a hallmark of the holiday season is to be surrounded by those who love and support you and eat great meals, the D.C. Center is offering this and much more.

Andrew Zapfel, the development chair for the Board of Directors, said, “Many people might not be able to go home, might not have the resources to or might not have family members that accept them.”

For those reasons, the D.C. Center has been providing Thanksgiving staples for over five years.

Zapfel said, “The turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, you name it. Kind of this general meal we put together so people can have it, warm it up and still feel like they are celebrating the holiday.”

People interested in the meal or attending the zoom call should contact the D.C. Center to RSVP.

Many of the people joining in the meal and zoom are asylum seekers, which excites the team at D.C. Center.

“Providing that meal for them and saying, ‘Yes, welcome to America. Welcome to our new home,’ has always been one of the most inspiring parts of the work we do,” Zapfel said.

Throughout the year, the D.C. Center provides opportunities for the community to come together.

Zapfel said, “We just try to provide as much as possible so people will have the opportunity to experience new things, meet new people, meet members of the community and make sure they know they are part of this great rainbow organization that exists to make sure we are all coming together.”

If there are any events or activities that someone notices are lacking, Zapfel said to contact the center to have the need met.