WASHINGTON (WDVM) — The crowd at RFK Fields was going wild this weekend, but the music was going even harder. After the Project Glow Festival was heard miles away from the event, some are still talking about it being a noise nuisance.

The two-day festival was louder on Sunday than it was on Saturday, and community members have mixed reactions to the city-wide dance party.

“I knew how far away RFK was, so it just made it kind of amazing. I could hear the music so loudly,” said Chad Stanton, who lives two miles away from RFK.

“I could hear from 3 miles away the exact music coming from this festival. It was loud — um-cha um-cha bass, and I was shocked,” said Ashley Kalena, who lives three miles from RFK.

Some people said that they embraced the noise and had a dance party in their living rooms while others said it gave them a headache. Either way, anyone who heard it had to listen until the concert was over at 11 p.m. on Sunday. No matter how the distraction made people feel, social media knew about it.

The noise levels may have intensified because of the weather. The WDVM weather team explained that warm air sitting on top of cool air trapped the sound, which led to sound waves traveling farther than normal.

Obviously, people can’t control this at the festival. You can’t control the weather and it’s annoying nonetheless and you just sort of have to take it,” said Kalena.

The concert did go for an hour past the city’s noise ordinance, but it got permission from Events D.C. to do so.

The city said that they will make time changes for future concerts, and Event D.C. also said that they will look into changing speaker placement and monitoring the soundboard during shows.

Festival-goers said that the response was reasonable.

“You can’t cater to everyone. I know I want more live music events here, and I’ll be upset if there’s not. But someone else will say there’s too much noise and their kid is trying to nap at 2 p.m. — but it’s D.C., there are 700,000 people who live here and you’re not going to please everybody,” said attendee Hilary Ramieri.

WDVM reached out to the Office of Unified Communications to see how many noise complaints the city got from this festival. Their spokesperson said that they are still tallying it up.