WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — Coffee is a major seller at LaFamosa. The owner hopes to sell more of it over the next four weeks.

10 percent of all coffee sales will help hurricane relief efforts in Puerto Rico.

Owner Joancarlo Parkhurst hopes customers will order a lot more of it over the next four weeks.

He was born on the island and spent most of his life there. Parkhurst has seen videos of damage caused by Hurricane Fiona.

“It was a sense of shock. But it’s not,” Parkhurst said. “We’re an island. We’ve experienced many hurricanes in the past.”

The storm did damage some property Parkhurst owns there, but he also received some good news.

“My immediate family members are accounted for,” said Parkhurst. “The bulk of my family lives in the metro area which is probably the least affected area in Puerto Rico.”

LaFamosa recently celebrated its second anniversary. Customers dine on traditional food from the island as many of them are from Puerto Rico, or have ties to it. Their thoughts are with family still there.

“You know the whole island with no electricity and no water. But they’re alive and that’s what matters,” said Flor Quintero who has talked to her family on the island several times since the storm hit.

She and others have seen videos of the damage.

“It’s going to be difficult for them,” said Isaias Alvarez, who also has family there. “It’s really sad, and devastated we can’t assist them or help them.”

But buying a cup of coffee at LaFamosa will provide financial help to the victims of the storm.