WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — Marie Hardy does not want to move though she may not have a choice, considering the living conditions at the Marbury Plaza Apartments. A place where she has called home for the last 12 years.

“I can’t sit in that tub,” Hardy said, describing her chipped bathtub.

Hardy’s son runs a fan in his bedroom, since the air conditioning does not work.

DC News Now visited the apartment building to take a look. A stench from the garbage disposal is sickening and the hallway’s carpets are stained, some with dog urine.

“I’m stressed,” Hardy said. “The common areas stink so bad that it seeps up in your apartment.”

Getting laundry takes Hardy even longer, as the laundry room is closed which forces her and others to use facilities in another building.

The room also poses health risks. Tenants showed pictures of dead rats found in the laundry room.

“It’s just a mess in here,” Hardy said.

She’s not the only one with complaints about the 674-unit complex.

“Busted water pipes downstairs on the first-floor, downstairs on B-1 they had two days ago,” said Donald Lincoln, who has lived at Marbury Plaza for nearly 28 years.

Though help may be coming.

D.C. Attorney General Brian Schwalb wants the court to have the apartment complex put under a guardian due to the conditions there.

“Thank you, Jesus! Yes, Lord” Hardy said. “That means I won’t have to move.”

Hardy is not the only excited tenant about the possibility of getting new owners.

“I hope they come in and do the right thing and listen to the tenants, the one that live here. If they listen to the ones that live here and the tenants, everything will work out fine,” Lincoln said.

DC News Now reached out to Marbury Plaza Apartment’s management and they had not responded to the tenant’s complaints or the attorney general’s request in time for publication.