WASHINGTON (DC News Now) DC Attorney General Karl Racine has another message for embattled Washington Commanders owner Dan Snyder: Reimburse ticket holders or face action from his office.

The outgoing attorney general who brought a civil lawsuit Thursday against the Commanders, Snyder, the NFL and Commissioner Roger Goodell with allegations the league and team didn’t reveal the truth about its problematic culture hinted that there’s more to come.

In an interview on Friday with DC News Now, Racine said that his office has already spurred action from the team for some fans to get their deposits back for season tickets that they were owed. Bu there are many others who haven’t been reimbursed.

But then Racine that the Commanders – although he has yet to investigate it – are asking these fans to sign a non-disclosure agreement in order to get their deposits back. And that, Racine said, is illegal.

“I’m going to chase that down. It’s against the law in the District of Columbia,” he said. “While I applaud the return of the money (that’s) overdue, you can’t keep things a secret. This isn’t not the NFL. You’re dealing with the public. And you’re dealing with the law.”

This was first raised because of a U.S. House committee hearing earlier this year that raised the question about whether fans had been properly reimbursed by the team for their season ticket deposits.

He called it “repulsive” that when a “season ticket holder asks for their seat license deposit back” and face delays and then asked to sign an NDA, “that tells you that someone over there is not only not thinking and doesn’t care about the law.”

“That doesn’t sound like a change of culture nor a change of leadership that respects consumers,” he said.

Racine said he hopes that Snyder and his team get this issue resolved before he has to take more action.