WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — DC Mayor Muriel Bowser implored the City Council to approve of her controversial selection to permanently lead the District’s 911 center on Friday, but key members say that nomination is doomed.

The mayor brought Karima Holmes back on an interim basis to run DC’s Unified Communications Center this past Spring. Holmes had previously resigned in 2021 after a myriad of problems were highlighted in a scathing audit.

Bowser and Police Chief Robert Contee, who attended a news conference on prompting safety during the holiday season, said she deserves a vote and one that approves her.

“We have outstanding leadership at OUC and we in our administration are very troubled that the council has not given my nominee a hearing,” the mayor said. “And that the council has indicated to reporters that they will try to block her nomination.”

An audit put the blame for problems at the call center squarely on the management led by Holmes. It said that calls were misdirected, paramedics were sent to the wrong places and leadership mistakes led to people’s deaths.

The mayor said she’s not giving up. “When there’s something that I think that I need from the council, I will do what it takes to make that clear to them,” she said.

Holmes pressed for her case, too.

“I have answered every question, I have every piece of document. I have investigated every call. We are very transparent,” she said. “I have the backing of the industry, I have the backing of our public safety partners, whom I’ve worked with for about seven years now and our mayor. I am here to help.”

But Council Chairman Phil Mendelson said the nomination is not going to get enough support.

“She’s (Bowser) known for a couple of months the support for Ms. Holmes in the council was waning, and I don’t think doubling down is the way to go,” he said.

Mendelson said he’s worried about Holmes’ leadership.

“There have been a lot of allegations that the agency’s not been managed well under her,” Mendelson said. “There was an auditor’s report that was very critical.”

Councilwoman Elissa Silverman agreed and said too many key members won’t support Holmes.

“I’ve said for months that we should disapprove of her,” Silverman said. “One of the most essential services that we provide is 911 response. And there have been really troubling cases in which lives have been lost.”