WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — Several locations of a popular D.C.-area deli closed late on Wednesday after the store said that its overnight team was robbed Tuesday evening.

In a post on Facebook made shortly before 7 a.m., Call Your Mother Deli said, “Our overnight team (who are the best!), [were] jumped and robbed last night while loading the vans to disperse cream cheese and toppings to all the stores.”

A police report from the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) said that the robbery happened outside of the chain’s Georgia Avenue NW location.

The report said that two workers were standing on the corner near the front of their work truck when someone approached them with a gun. The workers told police that the armed person pointed a handgun at one of the worker’s faces and said, “Don’t move and keep your head down.”

Another suspect searched that worker’s pockets.

A third suspect asked the other worker for his money. When the worker said that he did not have any, the suspect started to hit him, leaving him injured before also searching his pockets.

The suspects stole three phones, a wallet, money and the victims’ IDs, according to the report.

The victims told police that the three suspects then ran away in cars along with “4 to six other individuals, who appeared to be look-outs.”

“They are ok, but shaken up,” Call Your Mother’s post said about the workers.