WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — Mayor Muriel Bowser said a deputy mayor who faced a charge in Virginia and who had questions raised about his residency in the District resigned from his position.

Bowser held a news conference Wednesday afternoon and said Christopher Geldart’s departure was a mutual decision. Geldart, who served as the city’s Deputy Mayor for Public Safety and Justice, was accused of grabbing someone by the throat during an encounter with that person in the parking lot of a gym in Fairfax County, Va. Police said Geldart’s car door hit the person’s car. There was a fight, during which things got physical.

Bowser said Wednesday that Geldart’s response was “serious” for what amounted to “a door ding.”

After word of the encounter surfaced, the question about where Geldart, 53, lived came up. Because of his position, he was required to live in the District.

Bowser explained at the news conference that cabinet members have to establish D.C. residency within 180 days of starting their jobs. Bowser said Geldart claimed he had done that, although his family did not live in the city. The family lived in Virginia.

Bowser said when she hires people, it’s with the expectation that they think what she thinks, that “D.C. is the best city in the world.” Along with that is the expectation that they live there.

Bowser said that she and Geldart agreed that the incident in Fairfax County and the residency issue distracted from the needs of the District. Although she said she was “saddened” to accept Geldart’s resignation, she was “proud of the work we did together” and “immensely grateful for his service to the city.”

Kevin Donahue, who previously served as Deputy Mayor for Public Safety, was to provide leadership in that office until someone was appointed to the position, permanently.