WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — Battalion Chief Chris Holmes and other members of DC Fire and EMS came together for a presentation Thursday. Together, they gave the badge of a former firefighter to his son.

Holmes found the badge of Phillip Degnan, who joined the department in 1971 and retired in 1997, in an old firehouse. Degnan died in 2017.

Holmes told Degnan’s son, Mike, that DC Fire and EMS wanted to make sure that the Degnan Family had Degnan’s badge (Badge 837), but there was more to go with the presentation that took place at the Trinidad firehouse where Degnan spent his entire career on Truck 13.

Holmes gave Mike a memorandum and commendation related to one of the many things that Degnan did during his time of service.

On February 12, 1984, Truck 13 responded to a fire at a three-story apartment building located at 2105 I St. NE. When it arrived, a woman shouted that someone was trapped on the third floor. Degnan went into the burning building and rescued the person who was trapped.

Mike thanked Holmes and everyone who was there, telling them it was really special that they reached out to recognize Degnan and that it meant a lot to him.