WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — The Metropolitan Police Department said in a tweet that police were on the scene where a large black bear was in a tree in the District.

The bear was spotted in the 1300 block of Franklin St. NE. Police closed the road around the area while Animal Control responded.

Neighbors in the Brookland neighborhood agreed to name the bear Franklin.

Tina Urbanski shared her ring video of the bear as it walked around the area.

At around 9:57 a.m. Franklin descended the tree and escaped out of view. Police asked neighbors to go into their homes while they attempted to find the bear again.

Minutes later Franklin climbed another tree. Officials told DC News Now they were awaiting the arrival of the Department of Natural Resources.

Franklin was successfully tranquilized by the Humane Rescue Alliance in the backyard of a home, according to a tweet from Police at 10:15 a.m.

DC Fire and EMS helped capture the bear according to a tweet: “Just the bear facts. DC Fire & EMS supported partners from @DCPoliceDept @HumaneRescue & other agencies to help safely capture a bear in the Brookland neighborhood. We stood by with EMS resources & Special Ops personnel, and breached a fence to provide access #DCsBravest