WASHINGTON (DC News Now) –The Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) is launching a new tool that will make it easier for crime victims to get updates after filing a police report.

“The Metropolitan Police Department is committed to bringing the leading public safety technology to our communities,” said the Investigative Service Bureau Assistant Chief Carlos Heraud. “SPIDR Tech will be an essential tool in assisting people navigating police processes.”

Specialized Police Intelligence and Data Resource (SPIDR) Tech is a system that will send automated case updates through text or email to crime victims.

They will send three messages to each recipient. The first will have general information about the case — including the date, time, officer who provided assistance, classification and report number for the initial report.

The second message will be a follow-up on cases that have been assigned to a detective. It will provide the detective’s name and email address.

The last message will be sent when an arrest has been made. It will also share information on assistance programs and department resources.

MPD will begin using the tool this month.