WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — A convicted felon possessing a weapon. That’s one of the newest pieces of information regarding the man shot and killed by an off-duty FBI agent at the Metro Center Station.

D.C. Police, the lead agency in the investigation, released more information about the December 7 incident.

The report also found that 28-year-old Troy Bullock committed aggravated assault, and carried a pistol without a license, during the fight with the unidentified agent.

Security footage shows the two men went over the edge and fell 8 feet during the fight. That’s when the agent shot and killed Bullock. The agent went to the hospital with minor injuries. There’s been no public update on his condition.

The report did not say what caused the fight between the men.

More gunshots rang out of the Metro Benning Street Station the next day. Police arrested a 16-year-old after he wounded three people, including a 15-year-old, police say he fought with before the shooting. Despite the violent two days for the rail system, Metro’s boss encouraged passengers.

“You’re safe. If there’s feelings and emotions running, we are safe,” said Metro General Manager Randy Clarke. “You look at statistically and probability of having an incident at Metro, it’s incredibly, incredibly small.”

Meanwhile, there’s a mixed reaction from those who travel by the rail system.

“I’m not safe here. I don’t think people feel pretty safe on Metro,” said Fred Tavantar. “I don’t want to say all of them. But some area is not safe for the people.”

Others disagree.

“Sometimes getting on at Metro Center early in the morning on the Red Line it can be pretty packed,” said David Uribe. “And sometimes you’ll have some loud and rowdy people. But overall, I feel pretty safe.”