WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — A teacher who worked at a Southeast D.C. school is dead after complications occurred after LAPD used a taser on him.

31-year-old Keenan Anderson was a 10th-grade English teacher at Digital Pioneers Academy. He was visiting family in California when he was detained by police following his involvement in a traffic accident.

Body camera footage shows Anderson being subdued by officers and resisting arrest. Anderson was tased wo times by police, once lasting more than 30 seconds.

Anderson was taken into custoday and brought to hospital where he was peonounced deceased from cardiac arrest.

During the altercation with police Keenan is heard saying: “They’re trying to George Floyd me!”

Police have said Anderson was exhibitng erratic behavior and medical examiners later found both cocaine and marijuana in his system at the time of death.

Anderson was the cousin of a BLM cofounder. BLM supporters and the Digital Pioneers School community have responded by sharing their condolences and seeking answers from police as well as accountability.

“Our community is grieving. But we’re also angry. Angry that, once again, a known, loved, and respected member of our community is no longer with us. Angry that another talented, beautiful black soul is gone too soon. “