WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — A D.C. Public School staffer is facing allegations of sexual misconduct towards a student, the same school where another staffer was sentenced to 17.5 years in prison.

Dunbar High School Principal Nadine Smith sent a letter to parents calling the report disturbing. She stated that the staff member was placed on leave and is no longer reporting to the campus.

The incident was reported to the Metropolitan Police Department as well as D.C. Child and Family Services.

The school also contacted DCPS for resources to support students and families after this incident.

This came from a tip within DCPS. The source asked to stay anonymous due to their role in the system.

DCPS said that many staffers did not know about the allegations until the staff member in question was placed on leave.

These allegations are the second reported incident of sexual misconduct by a Dunbar staffer. Back in 2016, a business manager and assistant track coach was sentenced to over 17 years in prison for sexually abusing seven different male students during his period of employment.