WASHINGTON (WDVM) — A program that helps DC’s homeless return to work just got a new tool.
Central union mission — a shelter by union station — works to not only give the city’s homeless a place to stay and food to eat — but also has a job training program.

It’s called “Ready to work” and teaches people skills to help them get jobs and get off the street.
Passport auto donated a brand new truck to the nonprofit to help with ready-to-work.

The truck will get people to and from work and help them haul equipment to job sites. The organization estimates it will help over 100 people who go through the program.

Joe Mettimano, president and CEO, central union mission said, “We’re constantly cycling people in, cycling people out. They come, they learn the job, they get the job skills and then they’re placed at other places, so this truck is going to serve a lot of people in our program.”

On top of job training, the ready-to-work program gets people back in the swing of showing up to work on time, listening to authority and other typical job demands.