WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — District officials are celebrating the completion of phase two of The Wharf in Southwest D.C New restaurants, apartments and offices will soon be open.

Thursday also marks five years since The Wharf opened and people have been able to enjoy the beautiful waterfront space.

Some say The Wharf has gotten more use than ever over the past two years.

“During the pandemic, it was almost like a weekly Sunday routine,” said Araceli Bachner. “We’d come, get a coffee and take a quick walk and a breath of fresh air before coming back home.”

It’s an outdoor respite for many.

“It’s very exciting to see the growth. We were one of the first to sign the lease for the first phase,” said Jamie Leeds, owner of Hank’s Oyster Bar.

The restaurant sits at the edge of phases one and two of the project.

“I was very fortunate to be able to pick my location so I specifically picked it in the middle, what would eventually be the middle after phase two was done,” Leeds said.

The mayor’s office says phase two will deliver nearly 3,000 additional jobs, 350 new homes and 1.15 million square feet of mixed-use space.

Phase 2 at a glance:

  • 255 apartments
  • 96 condominiums
  • 131 hotel rooms
  • 223 boat slips at the Wharf Marina
  • 1.5 acre park at the Marshall Park Landing
  • 547,000 SF office space
  • 95,000 SF retail space
  • 2 garages with over 1,000 spaces total

“We haven’t even walked all the way down there yet but it seems like it’s gonna be real nice by this time next year,” said Brandon Kane, who works in one of the new buildings.

Perkins-Eastman is the master planner and architect of the entire Wharf.

“I’ve worked on it since 2006. To see the end done with such fanfare is amazing,” said Hilary Bertsch, principal in charge.

Bertsch can sit back and enjoy her team’s efforts.

“The placemaking and the way people can come and interact with the environments whether or not there’s a big event like today or whether they’re just somebody strolling there for work or living there is really at the essence of the design,” Bertsch said.

“We have selected and picked local retailers to occupy so it is an extension of Washington D.C.,” said Jason Abbey, principal at Perkins-Eastman.

“The retail wraps the buildings, The whole thing is walking, the wh ole thing is accessible,” said Douglas Campbell, associate principal at Perkins-Eastman.

Leeds is looking forward to even more business in the future.

“We’ve been dealing with a lot of construction over the years and now we’re finally seeing the fruits of all that,” Leeds said.